The Land of YAK was once green and lush. It was populated by all kinds of living beings, fantastic creatures, giants, water spirits. They lived in peace and serenity. Then, one day, the crystals awoke. The Land of YAK was full of them, they grew on grass and mountains, in water and lava. They were indestructible and useless. Until the day of the eclipse. The three suns of YAK were covered with a strange energy: the Black Mantle, so was named by the creatures. This was what awakened the crystals, which released their mephitic and devastating energy.
They destroyed everything. Every form of life, every stalk of grass, every animal, even calmed the volcanoes. The earth became silent. YAK was lost.

Horakle arrived when the universe was now oblivious to the existence of that planet. Many and many centuries had passed and nothing remained on YAK but the sleeping crystals and dust. When the meteor fell, it broke in two and its golden fluid began to flow from the crater. It covered the entire planet and once again awakened the crystals. And he changed them. This time they brought not destruction, but birth.

The meteor’s first child was a powder-coloured Yakky, with small golden horns and a tail tipped of the same colour. But when the earth began to blossom, others were born. From the crystals at the foot of the fruit trees, Yakkys were born with the shapes and colours of the fruits. So the did from the crystals of the waters and those of the mountains. The crystal reflected, in its creation, the colours and shapes of what was next to it. Thus it was that the Land of YAK was repopulated again.

But the universe, as we know, is not a place of peace. Very soon, other populations noticed the power of crystals and decided to use them for their own purposes. They soon discovered that the Yakkys, peaceful and tranquil creatures, were closely related to their birth crystals. Having the crystal meant dominating the Yakky. Thus began a race to conquer the crystals. And a challenge for supremacy.

Taking the crystals to other worlds meant creating new races. Yakkys were born with the shapes of dragons and rainbow, pumpkins and donuts. It was enough to place the crystal near the object or creature and wait: a new kind would soon be born.
Horakle, meanwhile, had stabilized. A cave had built around the crater and the golden fluid had taken a shape. Those who had been lucky enough to see it with their own eyes described it as a floating cloak, golden and faceless. They called it Oracle of the Cave and dedicated pilgrimages to it to acquire extraordinary gifts and powers.